Alternative Snacking Selection

Introducing our alternative snacking selection


A selection of high energy, healthy snacks are now available to order as part of your buffet lunch or as an additional extra.


There are 3 ways to order our new alternative snacking selection:

1. Replace the cake or fruit option in your chosen menu,

2. Order as an extra, adding a boost to your usual lunch,

3. Order as an extra and save for your mid-afternoon snack.


Varieties include:

When Yogurt Met Raisin

Dark Chocolate & Yogurt Cranberries

Cherry Berry Boost (strawberries, cranberries, cherries & mango)

Luxury Fruit & Nut Mix, Yogurt Peanuts & Raisins

Sugarfree Gummy Bears, Cherry Berry Nuts & Seeds

Raw Protein Power (almonds, cashews, walnuts & pistachios)


The snacks are charged at 80p per portion if ordered as an extra.

Or included in the menu price if ordered as part of your menu to replace the cake or fruit option.

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